Do you know the Solar energy is beneficial to Agriculture and Horticulture. Do you know an increase of 3 degrees Celsius in global temperature could result in significant impacts on ecosystem by negatively impacting biodiversity. It could also cause severe disease duplication and outbreak and threaten water and food supply.

According to World Farmers’ Organization, the global agriculture sector contributes to nearly 13.5% of greenhouse gas emission worldwide. Additionally, farmers play such an important role when it comes to global warming solutions. Over the past few years, an increasing number of farmers have started using solar energy as their main source of power on their farms.

The most commonly used technologies in agriculture are solar PV and solar thermal technologies. Basically, solar companies are installing solar panels on the roofs of the barns/buildings or simply on the ground. The PV system will harness energy from the sunlight transfer it to electricity or heat. The solar energy may also be helpful for watering purposes such as pumping water.

In addition, Another type of solar energy that can be useful in the farming sector is called Solar dehydrators. That is, using solar radiation to dry grain and crops, which is more time efficient compared to the traditional method by leaving them under the sun after harvest.

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