Pegasus Solar, founded in 2012, is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative rooftop mounting systems for solar installations.  The company has a full suite of products in its portfolio, including the revolutionary rail-less LightSpeed Mounting system, comp L-foot support for rails,  as well as the tile replace for rails.

The primary goal of Pegasus products is to make solar installation faster, simpler, more cost efficient, and looks great. Specifically, Pegasus system reduces crew sizes and often only 2-3 installer are needed for a residential solar installation. This allows a company to directly lower its labor costs with a more efficient staff allocation. For instance, a company with three 4-man crews can re-configure to have four 3-man crews, increasing the installation capacity by nearly 33%.  

The LightSpeed Mounting system is 50% faster than a traditional solar mount, providing fast and easy leveling, superior waterproofing,  and clean aesthetic skirt. In addition, Pegasus Solar has the most practical all-in-one packaging of solar racking. A full suite of products fit into one box and being sorted in the exact same order that the installers would need to take them out of the box. Until today, Pegasus Solar has thousands of proven installations.

Our identity revolves around one concept: The youth is our future. We’re bold and loud about Climate Change and take the health of our planet very seriously. We’re all in on sustainability and will do just about anything to help people go green.  

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Recently, Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) and UC Irvine Rising Tide  have talked about us.

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