Solar Energy is Friend of Our Planet

1# Solar energy produce no air or water pollution, no greenhouse gases and is ecologically sustainable.

2# Solar energy is noise pollution free.

3# The total amount of solar energy that the earth receives from the sun within one hour is no less than the annual world’s energy consumption.

4# Solar energy is currently the most affordable and abundant energy source worldwide.

5# About half of the incoming solar radiation is absorbed by the earth’s surface,approximately 20% is absorbed by the atmosphere and clouds, nearly 30% got reflected back to space. Additionally, human is harnessing and using less than 0.01% of the solar energy.

6# A solar panel system with a size over 191,000 square miles is able to generate energy that is enough to power the entire earth.

Solar Energy is a Long-Term Investment

7# Also, Switching to a solar energy system is a long-term investment, and eventually it will pay for itself. Don’t let the initial price at installation scare you, the overall amount you can save over years is where the value lies.

8# According to recent studies, most homeowners in the United State are able to breakeven about 3 years after switching to solar energy.

9# Homeowners may not have to install solar panels individually to use solar energy.Installing solar can be a community effort with it being installed in a much larger scale for the entire community.

10# Direct sunlight is not essential for solar panels to produce electricity, however, direct sunlight produce the most energy.

11# California is the biggest proponent of solar energy in the United States.

12# The largest solar power plant worldwide is located in Mojave Desert, California, which covers approximately 1000 acres.

13# With a solar battery system, people can use solar energy 24/7.

14# In the United States, solar panels should face south to capture optimal sunlight.

15# According to studies, a single-family rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide in about 30 years.

16# Variety types of silicon can contribute on producing Photovoltaic cells .

Solar System is a versatile option.

17# Vehicles, trains, and airplanes can utilize Solar energy. NASA is currently doing R&D on a solar-powered aircraft.
18# 2700 years ago, in 700 BC, human being discovered solar energy. Human started

19# A talented human evolved the renewable energy industry invented The first solar panel cell in 1941.

20# Scholars introduced Solar panels first to the market back in 1956.

21# Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath of the Renaissance, once predicted that solar energy would become industrialized.

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