About Us

Our Story

INSOLAR is a technology company that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market.

We’re a fast growing tech start-up of young scientists, programmers, and environmentalists who are passionate about the planet and eager to bring artificial intelligence methods to combat climate change. 

We’ve built the easiest and cheapest way to go solar and our platform has caught on. We started in Southern California in 2018 and have grown nationwide.


Our mission is to make buying solar simple and efficient by connecting solar shoppers with the best panels, installers and lenders.


We see INSOLAR as more than just the simplest, fastest, most affordable way to go solar. It’s a trans-formative solar adoption platform that has cut the cost of energy in half and is helping save the planets life.


Artificial Intelligence lives at the core of INSOLAR’s existence. Our machine learning technology has eliminated 50% of the soft costs associated with purchasing solar, this is passed on to INSOLAR users.



We solve your problems

Save Time And Money. Access Hundreds Of Solar Installers And The Best Solar Financing Plans Available With One Smart Portal. You’ll get the best deal in the market


Fast & Easy

Fill the form to receive your free customized solar proposal.

Our AI technology will design your solar energy system with the best solar panels at the cheapest price by the highest rated installers servicing your region.


Get the Best Deal

Receive your proposal with all the details about cost, rebates, equipment, warranties, design, and installer.

You don’t need to move from your chair!


Start Saving

Electronically sign your paperwork and schedule your installation from your phone or email.

Track your usage and enjoy your savings.