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Jan 15, 2019
UCI Applied Innovation
Within UCI Applied Innovation’s open-spaced ecosystem, passersby might notice a tall man with a thick, dark beard proudly talking a mix of business jargon and motivational speak to his army of interns throughout the Cove’s shared workspace. Or he might be excitedly spouting off his next big idea, drawing charts and graphs on various unsuspecting whiteboards for fellow startup teams and Cove tenants–in sandals and boardshorts, of course.
Jan 21, 2019
Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ)
UCI applied innovation start-up INSOLAR launched their online platform this month to connect solar customers with top solar panel installers at the lowest price market price in each state. Chief Executive Ali Sina started the company using his own savings after realizing that solar power was prohibitively ex[pensive for many people because of the high cost of customer acquisition which can be nearly 70% of the cost for a traditionally solar company.